There are hundreds of ways to make your bathroom a more comfortable and inviting place to spend time. When we renovate your bathroom, think about changing your showerhead for a more exhilarating spray.

Refreshing Tub

Refreshing Tub

There are three basic factors that we need to consider when designing your bathroom: comfort, ease of use, optimising space—and it’s usually a question of balancing these to get the best result.

Important on our list is to discuss your needs and priorities, and once we’ve established these, we can draw up a plan for the bathroom that you’re happy with, whether designing from scratch, or just replacing existing fittings or tiles.

You will also need to consider how to utilise the space and to make it aesthetically pleasing.

  • Efficient bathroom design

    Efficient bathroom design

    Do I want a complete bathroom suite, or individual units?

  • What kind bath, shower, sink, taps, or toilet do I want?
  • What type of lighting?
  • What kind of tiles—ceramic, marble or stone, etc?
  • What type of bathroom cabinet and/or other furniture?
  • What kind of heating—under floor, towel rail, etc?

And let’s not forget the colour scheme!

Before we start installing your new bathroom, we’ll remove and dispose of the old one,
and then prepare any new plumbing, wiring or plastering.
Then, when it’s all prepared, we’ll create your new quality finished bathroom

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