Built In Cupboards – Built to your specs and ideas, our specialty

Almost every kitchen is different, with different uses—for cooking, for eating, for living. What this means is that each one must be individually planned.
Whatever the shape and size of the area, we will discuss all the possibilities with you, and arrive at an innovative and ergonomic layout to maximize your kitchen’s potential.

Kitchen Display Units

Kitchen Display Units

So, once you’ve decided on the general style— the type   of flooring—wood, vinyl, tiled, etc.—and the colours and  decoration, we’ll   plan the best arrangement  of appliances, including sink, oven, microwave and fridge (the so-called   “work triangle”), the cupboards, work   surfaces, and storage space.

Custom Kitchen Unit

Lighting is also crucial in creating a pleasing atmosphere, and here again we will work with you in determining the best combination of natural and artificial sources to achieve that.

Prior to installation we will remove your old units, and prepare the ground, including plastering, plumbing and wiring. Then, when it’s all prepared, we’ll custom fit your new units and complete your new quality finished kitchen.

We do your homework!

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